The perfect score on the original SAT. After 2004, the perfect score on the SAT will be 2400.
I got a 1600 on the SAT.
by Considered harmful June 4, 2006
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Heroes of Newerth terminology. Used when one feels the need to show their certainty on a matter. Originally birthed by 'Chu', ahead of eG's upcoming game against SK. Against the odds, SK took the series.
Interviewer: So Chu, how confident do you feel ahead of the Semi-Finals against SK Gaming tonight?
Chu: About 1600% confident.
by massiveFAN February 1, 2011
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Similar to the mile high club, but instead of a plane, the venue is the White House
I joined the 1600 club last night with michelle
by Ghetto_Ghandi February 18, 2015
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A Magical place in Hollywood where all the ex-vine stars live
“Dude I saw Logan Paul at 1600 vine!”
“Wow that’s great!”
by Kid from class October 11, 2017
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a souncloud rapper with a fat cock
i looove lil 1600
by pussy lipz December 11, 2017
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This is what is one the bottom of Master Frederick Dolmans face. Every single time he speaks he causes an earthquake which can be felt up to 2000 miles away (The seismic waves are huge). He walks with a wibble and a wobble in his walk. He is the leader of all the people that come under the category of morbidly obese and extremely fecking fat.
by Gorgeous Greg February 26, 2020
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