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The most extremist version of punk. The music is always political and badass. Nearly all crust is anarchist or marxist-anarchist. Crust fashion, although almost an oxymoron is all black(derived from Crass's assosciation of black with anarchy) with sewn on patches of bands they listen to. The patches are black with white lettering and usually sewn on with dental floss.

Unlike other punks, crustys generally do not have the wacky colored hairstyles , instead their hair is usually natural colored, and fairly short, though most of them don't give 2 shits about it.

Crust music is loud fast and abrasive, all crust is anti-racist and all is anti-war, thus earnign crusty's the demeaning term of "hippie punks."
Crust fucking rocks.
by Andrew Apocolypse January 18, 2005
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Boots worn by serious motherfuckers.

Characters by the yellow lace that runs around the edge of the show, worn by punks and skinheads.

White laces= Racist Skinhead
Red Races= Anti- Racist Skinhead
Black= Punk

Just as gangstas have their bling bling, punks and skins have their steelcaps, the boots are made for walking, fighting, and protecting your feet in the pit, if you see someone in a white shirt, red 1/2" braces, and Levi 501s tucked into docs, you better fucking watch your shit.
Guy on street: Look at that skin struttin his docs.
by Andrew Apocolypse January 10, 2005
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Zero Reply Post.

Used in forums.
This post utterly blows.

by andrew apocolypse December 10, 2004
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TRANSLATION: I will never see you again in my life.
Jake: So Shelly, do you want to go on another date?

Shelly: Yeah, we should do something sometime.
by andrew apocolypse November 24, 2004
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A mohawk shaved extremely close on the sides, exaggerating to say you can see their skull.
That's an awesome skull hawk.
by andrew apocolypse November 30, 2004
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Synonym for 1)COATRACK, 2)EASY STORE, and 3)PHOTO BOOTH at a show.
1)Guy: Ah damn, I can't go into the pit with my jacket, it'll getr fucked up, HONEY!!

2)Guy: Shit, my cell phone will be ruined in the pit, Better go stash this in my girl's purse.

3)Guy: Hey, baby, take some sweet pictures of me when I slamdance, ok?
Girlfriend: Alright! *is holding phone in purse, wearing his jacket, and has camera in hand* al the time thinking, "he's so great."
by andrew apocolypse November 28, 2004
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In addition to being a drug, it is also an acronym for PORT CITY PUNX, or what the punks in Savana call themselves.
Some PCP bands are the bricks and take control.
by Andrew Apocolypse January 20, 2005
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