a PUNK dance that is a spin off of the pogo that involves you running around clockwise or counterclickwise in a circle and flailing your arms about, and kicking you legs. the point is to have fun, not beat the shit out of someone.
man I slamdanced last night when i saw conflict it was kick ass.
by andrew October 01, 2004
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(verb) 1. To engage or perform an act of sexual intercourse. 2. The art of woo'ing women to come back to your room to procreate, with or without the glove. 3. A mixture of the hokie pokie and electric slide, naked.
1. "Yo Matt are you going to ask that girl to slamdance?"
2. "Hell man, imma ask seven girls to slamdance tonight!"
3. "Hey, what do you say after this party we go back to my room and slamdance?"
by FanToes February 10, 2008
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When obtaining a soft erection from the process of slam-dancing or other violent dance forms.
"I had a total slamdance chubby at the Bring me the horizon show last night."
by Emosd1 October 03, 2009
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