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One of the baddest bitches. One of the most wanted girls. Many people are jealous and hate her. Savana is also amazing, and is very good in bed. She's the one that's going to rule the world one day, so you better watch out! She can be a bitch when you make her mad, other then that she's a sweet and caring person. Shes also crazy, loud, and very wild. Try keeping control over her!
have you seen that new girl Savana? she's pretty hot!
by Jakxneiand April 26, 2011
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An amazing girl that is usually blonde. She is very athletic. She is also crazy, yet smart. Savana is not afraid to talk to anyone. Savana is very sexy and has very pretty eyes.
Do you see Savana over there?! She is so nice!
by savana banana January 15, 2012
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Smart but has occasional blonde moments. Her physical traits are curvy, most likely blonde, and sort of southern. Her personality can rub off as ditsy but once you get to know her she is creative and interesting. She judges people too quickly though and is sometimes insincere. Overall a good person with flaws like everyone else.
Savana, watch out for that tree! Wow can't believe she has good grades.
Wow Savana is pretty cool, after about a week or two.
by asfhanfn April 27, 2011
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The coolest bitch alive.
her voice has the power of laxitves.
but shes fucking superhero.
laxtive voice woman.
Omg I Cant shit.

lets call savana!
by Zacc! Atack!! August 28, 2008
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Savana is a pretty girl, with dark eyes, and pretty hair. She likes sports, including soccer. Usually a savana is smart, and a good friend. She knows what's wrong and what's right. Unlike most people, Savana normally doesn't have any sins.
"Savana! Can I have some of your cereal please!"
"Sure fine."
by AnonymouseUNICORNofWORDS June 08, 2018
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Savana is definitely a blonde name and is very smart, she rarely has blonde moments and is the most beautiful lest person alive and whenever a man goes past she's sure to have him falling all over her!

All her friends fall over her and wish for her beauty. She does not hate she loves her friends and always gives when they're going through a rough time!
She likes to hang around with the unpopular group as she has a soft spot for less treated people! If she is with someone who is getting bullied watch out bully I'd turn around and go home now!
She has no feelings or realashionship with popular people as she doesn't care for three poorly choices!
David: Wow is that girl is so hot she is so nice too! that has to be a savana!
Steph: I'm keeping her beautifullness safe now back off!
by Vana Banana September 21, 2017
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Savana is nice some times, when she is your best friend she will only want to be with you, and will hate her other friends because she likes you. Once she is your friend, she will only want to be with you.

Be careful.
Person1" Hey Savana is being mean to me again, hey she was only mean to me because your here again."
Person2" well sorry I'm here friend I can't just leave here."
by Otakuxoxo January 09, 2017
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