To King Kong a joint (also known as Konging) is to smoke the whole joint down to the roach in one enthusiastic sitting. Usually you King Kong a joint with several of your closest friends.
Jack: Hey Callen should we smoke a joint tonight?
Callen: Only if we King Kong it.
by Baseless Whale March 14, 2021
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In Texas Hold 'em poker, the starting hand of two Kings (KK), the second best starting hand in Hold 'em. Also referred to as "Cowboys" or "Twin Rulers". The only thing you really need to worry about is seeing an ace on the board.
I had King Kong and bet hard to keep out the BS pre-flop
by Spit Blood April 26, 2005
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To King Kong is when someone beats on or pounds his chest at someone else to start a fight or frighten someone, usually this move is performed by a muscle bound man or boy who spends a lot of time in a gym who wants to threaten his foe by drawing attention to his ample chest muscles.
This meat head starts to King Kong me, but I was out cuz I knew he really wanted to grudge fuck my clacker.
by PissDragon March 3, 2009
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A term used by the rap culture to represent the "bass, bumppin', thumpin', rumblin', knockin' hot beats," that are in a car from music being played loudly. All of which refers to a Gorilla pouding the inside of a car trunk creating the extremely loud "bumpin'" sound from a car as they are driving though the streets, where you may hear the car before it is seen.
"King Kong, king, king, king, king Kong
if you hear me 'fore you see me"
by b791 May 29, 2007
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The act of shoving a banana up ones ass, and then someone else eating it.
by Birch 208 January 7, 2010
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Sexual move, when your having sex guy on top and her legs over your shoulders, right before you're about to blow you pull out, stand up, plaster her with cum and proceed to pound your chest, roar and shake the bed. After this, the most important step is to run out of the room.
Guy 1: "Hey man, I totally King Kong'd the shit outa her last night."

Guy 2: "Oh yeah, did you get her banana split?"

Guy 1: "Sure did."
by RickyBobby26 May 1, 2010
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When a bird is so smoldering hot that you would carry her ass to the top of the Empire State Building (stairs, not elevator) and fight 30s style airplanes in order to ravage (f*ck) her.
Ted: You know Kimber, right?

Ricky: Of course. She is hot.

Ted: Damn right she's hot. I'd King Kong her.

Ricky: I doubt it'd take that kind of an effort.
by Wally Hot Hands February 18, 2010
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