One who is too cool to be hipster, and will therefore reject hipster styles and tastes. Post-posts, or pomo hipsters, are currently difficult to define only because they tend toward a slightly wider set of tastes than your average stereotype. The most important quality is that a post-post realizes the hippocracy of hipsterism and tries to overcome it. Post-posts will sometimes acknowledge the fact that they are post-post, and if called hipster, will sometimes
Person one: "Does this make me look too hipster?"

Person two: "You're wearing a polo; of course not."

Person one: "Does it make me look too preppy?"

Person two: "Oh my gosh, you are such a post-post!"
by Aspartame, 2nd Century Greece November 5, 2011
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(adv) beyond postmodern; exceedingly or terminally hip. Often used ironically.
"You're so post-post, why don't you go deconstruct your mother's combat boots?"
by anarcissie May 28, 2008
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The school of thought beyond that of post-modernism. Followed by post-post-post-modernism, which can either repeat back to modernism in a more "on-purpose"ful manner, or just make absolutely no sense at all. Ever.
Modernism: Writing something clever and witty on a billboard.

Post-Modernism: Writing the words "something clever and witty" on a billboard.

Post-Post-Modernism: Writing a billboard on some words.

Post-Post-Post-Modernism: Nailing a herring to a wall and punching it with a racquetball from 4-5 feet away while reciting Dostoyevsky quotes.
by Guuse March 11, 2008
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It is the sinking feeling one experiences approximately 5-10 minutes after posting something on facebook that is too personal, sounds psychotic, is overtly passive-aggressive, or just plain inappropriate AND is likely to subject that person to pity, scorn, and worse of all, embarassing comments to follow.
After Janie posted as her facebook status, "The Tim Tebow superbowl ad really brought up some bad memories," she immediately had post-post regret.


Jim had major post-post regret after he commented that his ex looked just as amazing in her profile pic as she does EVERY night in his dreams. He especially felt the sting of post-post regret as her friends comments of "stalker" were followed by his ex promptly deleting and blocking him. At least he didn't mention the life size cardboard cut out he still had in his room, of his ex, at his mom's house.
by sour puss the first February 9, 2010
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Also known as 'meta-modernism'. An inevitable categorical representation of our 'present' cultural age. It can be defined as a wide-ranging set of developments in critical theory, philosophy, architecture, art, literature and culture which are emerging from and reacting to post-modernism. Essentially, anyone that uses this term 95% of the time is a complete and utter pretentious and severely lost fuck-wit who views anything 'contemporary' with the same degree of fascination and reverence as anyone would today in context of artistic expressions before the 20th century. A million layers of irony and meta-observation coat the conceptual fabric of these peoples world perspective; nihilistic and empty speculations centred upon nothing comprise of their reality.

As can be deduced from the flowery and vague speculative language apparent (which is equally reflected within its actual content), meta-modernism is an aimless groping in the dark of an empty abyss, which cannot even be properly classified as a represented as 'nothingness', as it supposedly transcends all limitations of logical categories whilst at the same time remaining bound within them in a limbo state of infinite negation, construction, and the both synthesised into an infinite spiral which extends out into an unfathomable state of incalculable layers of irony.
Max: Hey Fenton, I just noticed that in your kindle library you had some post-post modernistic literature? Wtf is that shit?
Fenton: Ahh I'm glad you asked. Post-post modernism can be described in a nut-shell as an attempt of liberation of the inertia resulting from a century of modernistic idealogical naivety and cynical insincerity of its antonymous bastard child. It can be viewed as a movement in respect of transcending the super-imposed false dichotomies impressed upon our culture in hope of embracing a union of scientific-poetic synthesis and informed naivety of a magical realism of which exists -
Max: Lol wtf? What are you trying to say?
Fenton: Haha idk, it took me a couple hours to memorise and recite all the words and fuck you put me off but! I'll go from the beginning and recite this shit from scratch.
Max: Go to the fucking art-centre and you'll get all the chicks saying that shit, fuck man lets go tonight.
Fenton: Why do you think I bothered learning it cunt? Fuck yeah let's get some pussy tonight!
by Jack3t818 May 14, 2017
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(post post ger-nah-liz-em) noun. the situating that occurs when one has the opportunity to watch one’s fatal demise from a position of relative comfort, then having survived the incident one gives an aural as well as visual account of the harrowing situation from a position of relative comfort
Wolf Blitzer: OMG! Look at that plane's fucked up front wheel! How will they ever land it?
other talking head: I don’t know. Let’s watch it all later.
Wolf Blitzer: Now this just in…
Later in Situation Room:
Wolf Blitzer: We now have a CNN exclusive interview with a CNN correspondent who just happened to be on that plane with the fucked up front wheel. Let’s tune in .
survivor/reporter: …So, there we were. We watched our plane going around and around for 3 hours on the tv screens in the backs of the seats in front of us. And we didn’t die in a fiery crash either. OMFG! This is definitely a case of post post journalism.

by Nedd Ludd September 23, 2005
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Condition of life after one has created and then deleted a facebook account.
After going post-post-facebook, you will be able to re-forget dozens of high school acquaintances.
by beverlyfreakinwhite May 2, 2009
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