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N. A loose toilet seat likely to slide left or right while seated upon it, sometimes sliding completely off the rim of the bowl. A tilt-a-whirl can be particularly dangerous for men when the seat slides too far and pinches off the sexual organs during defecation.
The men's room here is completely unsafe, a tilt-a-whirl with no ass gaskets.
by anagramman November 07, 2010
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n. Two or more persons or groups engaged in attempting to appear worse than, or create circumstances worse than the other parties. A race to the bottom.

From the John Waters film, Pink Flamingos.
Democrats and Republicans-is there a more classic flamingo situation?
by anagramman June 01, 2009
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1. A fingernail trimmed slightly longer than the other fingernails for scraping boogers from inside one's nose. 2. The index fingernail on the right hand.
Ever since he broke his nose, he needs a boogernail to keep his sinuses clear.
by anagramman January 10, 2010
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N. A person who cannot walk gracefully in high heeled shoes. V. The act of walking clumsily in high heels.
That drag queen has a lot of practicing to do before she stops walking like a clydesdale.
by anagramman December 16, 2009
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N. an aggressive salesman
Jerry quit his job as a wireless pimp the day he got the job as a chrome pimp.
by anagramman February 23, 2010
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