A framework for building cross-platform programs with web technologies. It generously provides Chromium with every installation, yielding ~100MB programs. At this point why not just make a website? Electron is commonly used by hipsters who are too afraid to touch C++.
Person 1: Why does Unity Hub look like another bloated web app?
Person 2: Because that’s exactly what it is. Welcome to Electron.
by Windows 7 Ultimate July 01, 2021
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Roblox hack, probably a virus but idk its a good hack i didnt download it cause synapse is better get rekt owners
Someone: Woah u have electron! is it a virus
Synapse user: Synapse is still better
Someone else: Woah! Synapse is way cooler then electron!
Electron user: :(
by coolkid68419 March 18, 2021
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An insult. calling someone this means you are calling them short and annoying.
Zara: you stole my microwave!?

Pix: *laughs*
Zara: you are such a electron!
Pix: I am not!
by _Rave_ April 15, 2021
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Anything using a power source not understood by the user.
At airport security ~ please remove laptops,Ipads, and any Electronicals items from hand luggage.
by carouselangel June 11, 2019
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One of the basic building blocks of the universe. Electrons are negatively charged and have a miniscule mass.
Are electrons waves or particles? Neither.
by zachwolff October 20, 2003
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something that you are looking at, because you got nothing better to do with your life.
Person 1: what are you doing
Person 2: wasting my life on this electronic
by smertieboi 2.0 February 22, 2019
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