35 definition by alex14

#2 the amazing philadelphia eagles kicker
i just went to the game today, david akers was warming up and made a bunch of 50 yard field goals
by alex14 September 17, 2006

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Our 48 states not including Alaska and Hawaii. The above definition is wrong, Alaska is not part of the continental United States
Hawaii is outside of the Continental United States
by alex14 July 02, 2006

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1)someone with thin legs

2)drumsticks, the actual legmeat of chickens, some ppl call it chicken legs

3)in basketball, while the person checks they throw it at the other persons legs to get the ball
1) ew he has chicken legs

2)i ate chicken legs from kfc

3) wtf don't chicken legs!
by alex14 August 14, 2006

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the thing you will see on boats. it means United States Ship
lets sail on the USS poseidon
by alex14 August 20, 2006

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something that isnt happening dont believe those dumb reporters, if there are no opposing superpowers, its not a world war. little countries fighting is nothing like what russia vs england would be, or something like that.
to me world war 3 could only be with teams of superpowers
by alex14 August 05, 2006

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Republicans, and sadly democrats too, on this site. You guys need to grow up, there are people writing definitions of democrat as hippy communists who kill babies, and you are actually thumbs-upping it, just because u dont like democrats. that is sad. thumbs up real definitions of republican and democrat, dont go around looking at every single definition and thumbs upping it if it makes fun of people. remember either way its half of AMERICA your making fun of. we need both parties to debate on both sides of every issue to find a good solution, stop being so retarted
lol that says democrats are baby slaughterers! il thumbs up it! <--assholes would say that

lol all republicans want is oil!! <--assholes would say that
by alex14 August 20, 2006

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this is a more simple definition of it. before the human body developes it has stem cells, which are like blank cells, that will eventually become other things, if stem cells are put next to muscle tissue, it will become muscle tissue etc. you can get them from aborted fetuses and they could cure diseases like alzheimers, because they might beable to put the stem cells in the people, and have them replicate and rebuild the brain cells. and yes, as the other person said "Often confused by the laymen and stupid right-wing politicians as tiny little babys but really more similar to dandruff than babys"
stem cells could save millions of people but republicans wont let that happen
by alex14 August 20, 2006

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