Marie: "Hey where do we go for summer?"
Martin: Come to Honduras and let's party like it's the end of the world.
by Honduran babe December 25, 2010
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A Great Freaken country, wich is located right in the middle of Central America. And let me tell you its a very unpredictable place to be in, people their are great specially the women!
climate is warm half the the year, and warm & rainy the rest, good to go to the beach
sam :dam dude, where you going for spring break?
john: to Freaken Bay islands in Honduras
by none85 April 24, 2005
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a country in central america that not many people have heard about. it is by El salvador and is a place were the most cutiest most sexyest girls come from! hondurian women look better then brazilians even. most people say that brazilians are the most sexiest or italians are, but honduras got them beat, shit even the uglyest hondurian chick is alot more sexier then our hottest women in the united states,brazil,france,italy,venezuela,england,philippines etc. the women of honduras can make even the bravest of men quiver in shyness because of there tremendous beauty.
I am not hondurian but shit why are they the most sexiest race of girls on the planet??? there a small country and they manage to have such cute chicks, man even the fat hondurian chicks are hot

honduras= eyecandy
if you have bonner troble or erectile disfunction go to honduras, and your bonner will never go away! an i mean never!
by baka kuso yaro April 4, 2011
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Only the best country in the world! It has beautifull beaches, gorgeous white-sand islands with clear waters sorrounding them, and it even has an old Mayan city! It has towns full of culture, its people are really generous and fun to be around! And lets not even start on its delicious food.
Jane: Jeesh where can we go this summer? Somewhere near the carribean where we would have lots of fun and eat great food?
John: Oh i know! How about Honduras? I hear the people over there are really nice too!
by bluesnowflake December 29, 2009
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A place where everyone can live happily with eachother even with their dysentery
and name their children Baby Honduras.
Hey look at that monkey!
Yeah it looks like it's from Honduras. Let's name it... BABY HONDURAS!!!
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A country in Central America. Their people have an accent very similar to Salvadorians. They usually produce beautiful women who end up working in brothels throughout latin America and the US. They have such big egos that it would make a Argentine embarrassed. Their men are either good guys or assholes never in between. They also like mentioning bananas because if you don't live in the US or aren't making tshirts for Kirkland then most likely your job has to do with bananas.
A:Dude Daniel was wearing a Honduras uniform!

B:As in the soccer uniform?


B:Damn I didn't know he was a closet douchebag.
by sheppy43512 February 19, 2014
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When a male sits on the females face (Asshole-to-mouth) and deprives the girl of oxygen. The girl will then try to breathe in air, thus resulting in sucking out the shit from the male like a Hoover vacuum. Then the guy will turn around, piss in her mouth, and say, "Welcome to Honduras, Bitch!"
"Stephanie craved the Honduras Hoover after skipping out on lunch."
by The PGP August 6, 2009
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