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people like her are ruining america. how are we supposed to have a great society when she goes on about how one whole half of the population is stupid. if she wants whats best for america she should allow both sides to argue and find the best solution
it is mindboggling to understand how anyone takes ann coulter seriously
by Alex14 August 18, 2006
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cool place but a lot of the people their think they are tough and anyone who is a steelers fan for some reason thinks that makes them tough its sad
pittsburgh is almost as cool as philly
by Alex14 August 09, 2006
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a comedian hes ok but its stuff we've heard before, and wtf chinagirl, he IS mexican, his mother is mexican and his father is from honduras
carlos mencia was right when he said "so muslims are mad because their prophet was depicted as violent, so what do they do to protest? blow stuff up"
by Alex14 July 26, 2006
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1)someone with thin legs

2)drumsticks, the actual legmeat of chickens, some ppl call it chicken legs

3)in basketball, while the person checks they throw it at the other persons legs to get the ball
1) ew he has chicken legs

2)i ate chicken legs from kfc

3) wtf don't chicken legs!
by Alex14 August 14, 2006
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something that exists on europa and at area 51. Living things from another planet. Also people from a different country.Yea. but in 1960 there was a ufo crash (yes a lot of those videos are fake but some have yet to be proven wrong) in new mexico and a guy got some crazy footage, but the government took it all away and the guy mysteriously died (government killed him). Also an f16 in isreal chased one but the f16 vanished... also another case in which a pregnant lady claimed to have been abducted, and lost the baby and became not pregnant... then 8 years later she saw the daughter in a ufo. You cant make up losing your pregnancy. yea well anyway there are too many planets to not have there be life anywhere else. why do you think area 51 has a zone where if you pass it you get shot? and they have soldiers that blend in with the ground and mountains
Illegal aliens came to America.

Aliens from other planets have came in contact with humans.
by Alex14 June 19, 2006
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