13 definition by albert einstein

The rare circumstances in which a person is ultra hot and at the same time ultra cool. The word was created as a descriptive word for the two most neutralized people ever: Katie Hott and Gabe Greenberg
"She is so neutralized!"
by Albert Einstein November 25, 2004

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1. A member of the opposite sex
2. A person you are paired with
1. Oh, yea, I fucked her the other day..

2. Aw fuck, that faggot is my partner..
by Albert Einstein August 29, 2003

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tetarded = crustated = queen = hannah
you are tetarded you mother fucker
by Albert Einstein February 06, 2005

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See jazzrule.
stfu nob!
by Albert Einstein November 13, 2003

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tentacles! tentacles! everywhere!!!!!
klump is an automatic lesbian with large tentacles.
by albert einstein February 06, 2003

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Eats chicken to look like Moskva-Marit. Smokes old gym socks. The mullet-meister.
Thomsing has a mullet.
by albert einstein February 06, 2003

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