16 definitions by ALBERT EINSTEIN

1. The wittiest man alive.
2. Wit as it would appear in a human form.
3. Extremely sexy hunk
The-Incubator is witty. (note that the previous example was redundant)
by ALBERT EINSTEIN July 06, 2003
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Eats chicken to look like Moskva-Marit. Smokes old gym socks. The mullet-meister.
by ALBERT EINSTEIN February 06, 2003
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Mainly used in Queensland, meaning the upmost of truth.
Guy1: I fuckin caved that murry kid`s head in last night
Guy2: True god?
Guy1: Fuckin true god cunt
by ALBERT EINSTEIN July 12, 2018
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She’s beautiful, smart, outgoing, caring, makes new friends easily, and always ready for an adventure. She will never be down for long, always putting smiles on others face she is the happy one out of the friend group.
Samarea is an amazing person she’s beautiful and smart.
by ALBERT EINSTEIN March 18, 2018
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Derived from a film named Terror Pickers. The term "Bouuuuys" (can have unlimited amount of 'u's) is a substitute for "boys" and is often prolonged in speech. It is often used by the famous relay team (City of Leeds, 2004).
Willard - "Hey, Lewis is back with Emily!"

Jordan - "Wheeyyy bouuuuys!"
by ALBERT EINSTEIN December 13, 2004
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IRC Channel for male attendants 30++ performing cyber sexual acts with minor male IRC attendants. Words often used: Macgyver, vaseline, two-armed spiked buttplug, butter, mullet, a**hole, f*ck, wrestling
I am the robodoc of this joint. i will cyber spoof you with my giant pale excrement-diving cockroach
by ALBERT EINSTEIN February 06, 2003
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