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Some-one who has ''fooled around'', eg. oral sex, giving/recieving, been fingered etc, not full intercourse
i was a half virgin before him
by Janna Cole January 11, 2005
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When a guy has inserted his penis into his partners vagina for the first time, but doesn’t cum. He is considered a half-virgin because he hasn't fully experienced sex.
I almost lost my virginity, but I just couldn't cum, at least now im only half-virgin.
by In lions we trust December 08, 2010
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Someone who's never touched a private part in their life but experienced a traumatic experience that led them to believe they lost their virginity.
Cecilia Wong believes that she is a half virgin.
by hiiimacool kid May 31, 2008
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Noun. A girl who opts to only have anal sex to avoid losing her virginity.
"Is Ann still a virgin? I know she wanted to wait until marriage to have sex." "Actually she's only a half-virgin, she has anal all the time!"
by gaillard August 15, 2009
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Only involves vaginal penetration during intercourse. Anal has not been received by sexual participants. All straight men are actually half virgins.
Son: Dad, what is half virginity?
Dad: Well, you see son, when a man and women love each other very much...Ah, I'm not the best at this. Your mom knows more about this type of stuff more than me, fucking slut. Anyway, it means no one has had crazy butt secks with you.

Tom and Jeff lost their half virginity last night when they went all the way together.

This kinky girl isn't a half virgin anymore. You know what I'm sayin'?
by Sunlight Gardener January 27, 2011
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