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Fuck my blue jeans.
Would you like to make some fuck - BESERKER!
by Afro Joe June 23, 2003
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a complex structure of microchips and wires which allow communication without having to look at, hear or even know the person you are talking to
also known as: shit box, porn machine and that thing that fucks up my life every time I go near it and yet I still buy a new one every single time i beat the shit out of my current one
"i am going to beat the living shit out of my COMPUTER with my bare hand while using the other hand to jack of to the picture of britney spears i just printed off"
by afro joe June 05, 2005
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1)The opposite of Counter-Stike. Amazingly the members of the Firearms community know grammar.
2) People who aren't manly enough to complain and whine.
by Afro Joe June 23, 2003
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The inventor of FIER!
*Scavenger001 sets AfroJoe on FIER!!@#$
by Afro Joe August 07, 2003
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Cesspool of ignorance. Also refuge for bitter old people who no longer have use for the rest of the forum. Idiots + Bitter Old Men = FUN!
Let's go to the OTF and tell people about air!
Look at the idiots telling me about air.... why those bastards, I oughta...
by Afro Joe June 23, 2003
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Originally created by untalented roahdies who wanted to hang out with musicians. these instruments are vital tools for brainless guys to steal there girlfriends back after a guitarist steals them.
John: "If I hit these drums, they make a load noise."
Paul: "Very good John have a lollipop"
John: "But I wanna balloon."
Paul: "But John your thirty six."
by afro joe April 18, 2005
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warhammer was oringinally designed in the late 1970s when nerds unanimously desided that computer games, Dungeouns and dragons and a complete lack of respect for clenleaness wherent enough to stop them getting girlfriends. This gave grown, acne filled, drooling men everywhere yet another reason to stay in there mothers basement and not see the light of day for week... Phew and there was me thinking I might move out.
"Would you like to play WARHAMMER with me tonight gerald."
"no thankyou i'm filing mothersvarookas."
by afro joe April 18, 2005
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