Only The Family- Lil Durks record label. Notable artists include L'A Capone🕊, Rondonumbanine, King Von🕊, 600Breezy, Memo600, OTF NuNu a.k.a Nuski🕊
Only Trey Folks- A branch of black disciples, with trey referring to the black disciples gang sign, which is very similar to the boy scouts hand sign
"OTF, GBE Your bitch like"
"Only The Family in my eyes, bitch we got each other"
by SwagMasta42069 April 8, 2021
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"I can't trust myself, OTF
But this is what I rep, OTF.

Niggas can't get right, so they get left.

It's nothing else but OTF.
Only the family in my eyes, that's OTF
And we is not a game, we just here.

Everybody claimin' OTF.
We OTF, bitch. We OTF"
by Shanilla December 29, 2012
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"Dude i was talking to this girl and she totally gave me an OTF!"
by cntfindme123 June 7, 2009
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On The Fence, as in unable to make a decision at the moment.
you: yo holmes, wanna go to that show on friday?

me: i dunno mang, i'm otf
by poopenschaft May 17, 2011
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Sub-Forum of the Counter-strike Forums.
Stands For Off Topic Forum
Goatse is common, as is Flamage
Fubar For Mod!
by Necco September 13, 2003
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Acronym for Only The Finest
My sushi is served on DD's. #OTF
by OTF Everything October 16, 2012
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We were doing some serious OTF'ing last night and I hurt my ankle on the dismount
by Cookie Monster Too January 11, 2006
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