One who attacks violently without hesitation or thought. In RPGs, one whose strength improves, but is not able to do anything but attack the enemy the rest of the battle.
Final Fantasy (series): FFV as a job class, FFVI as Umaro, a character, FFVII as Sephiroth in Cloud's flashbacks, FFX-2 as a job class.
by Steve November 30, 2003
People who just go insane when they fight and they ravish everything in their path.
"When a Beserker dies, he has the corpses of his dead behind him"
by Zeonic Freak October 8, 2004
An ancient Norse warrior who fought in a wild frenzy.


A viking on mushrooms.
My brother just called my fat ass uncle a beserker. He was right.
by Kai.stoner September 24, 2017