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Not as good as the 1990's.
Kids now are selfish, and spoiled, and aren't true to their roots. I'm only 17, and it's 2011, and honestly, I am SICK of my generation. I would MUCH rather be the age I am now, in about ~1994.

Now I'll tell you some pros and cons about the 2000's

1) Computers are sweet
2) Weed is getting better

3) That's about it. . .
4) Dubstep
5) Johnny Tsunami
6) Pokemon
Cons- Compared to 90's:
1) No original thoughts now
2) music is shitty
3) people are shitty
4) TV sucks- except Nat Geo
5) Emo Kids
6) Super hipsters
7) Not as cool
8) I wasn't born in ~1980 so I can't be almost 18 in the 90's
9) No fraggle rock (1980's or 90's?)
10) Myspace
11) 2000's Rap
12) 2000's Pop
13) No original anything
14) Everything Social networking
15) You don't see me smoking a blunt at the park right? yeah. it seems like smoking pot is 90532740x worse to get caught doing now
16) Superhero Movies
17) 2000's "Fashion" except plaid <3
18) Kids
19) War
20) George Bush
21) Shittier world

Yeah, see what I mean? BUT thankfully, the 1990's lasted until 2003 then shit happened :/
I think the 1990's are way better than the 2000's

I would much rather be 17 years old from anywhere '64-'78 or '94-2002 instead of the post '03 2000's
by adambeast308 May 19, 2011

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Nice kicks, real comfortable, real nice.

Mac Miller wrote a song about them (nikes on my feet)
1) I just bought some sweet new kicks

2) Mac: I got Nikes on my feet
by adambeast308 April 13, 2011

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A booklyn based band consisting of guitars keyboards and synths. a very good dancy/psychedelic band. they remind me alot of The Doors
dude 1: Hey have you heard of MGMT
dude 2: Hella Yeah I love them!
dude 1: Lets listen!
dude 2: okay
(start listening to "Electric Feel")

Stranger walking by: Is that "The Doors"?
Dude 1: No it's MGMT
by AdamBeast308 October 24, 2010

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Yellow diamond (heard in the song "We Found Love" by Rhianna) means Ecstasy, E, Beans, Rolls, Adam, MDMA, etc. But however you call it, methylenedioxy- methamphetamine is what Yellow Diamond means in the song's context

The lyrics "We found love in a hopeless place" explains the effects of the chemical on the human psyche.

Decades ago, MDMA was actually used as a therapeutic tool to help couples with differences in Marriage Counseling, although there is more to the overall story than that, this is the only portion I care to explain that pertains to the song.

Let's say a couple was having a difficult time in their relationship (aka a hopeless place, not necessarily meaning a physical location, but a state of their being)

This "hope" that Rhianna is talking about ARE the Yellow Diamonds

She refers to it as "hope" because the effects the drug brings on are feelings of love, euphoria, happiness, and peace (all together being sheer ecstasy)

Therefore, the hope can help those who are in a hopeless point in their life may find some insight through using, not ABusing these chemical tools to find peace within and with others.
Yellow diamonds can help you to find love in a hopeless place
by AdamBeast308 December 17, 2011

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when someone smells and you want to tell another friend(s) in the same vicinity, use this as a code to tell them of the other persons stink with no hurt feelings
substitute the first initial of the person you are talking about for the first letter and NAS follows every time
Alec: Joe Needs A Shower, he smells like ass.
Me: shhhhh, you mean JNAS (_NAS)

Alec: Good call and yes
by AdamBeast308 June 27, 2010

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Urban Amnesia is a symptom often experienced by curious people who hear a word and need to look it up.

It occurs when, in a public situation, someone hears an interesting word and doesn't want to look like an idiot and ask what it means. At that time, thinking to themselves "I'll look it up on Urbandictionary later!" then, upon reaching an internet source, you experience a total blackout and cannot remember the word you were going to look up.
John: Yo dude, I pulled an Iron Horse the other day

Me: NICE dude *thinks* (what the fuck is that?)

*later on that evening*

Me: okayyyy *urbandictionary* FFFFFFFUUUUUUU WHAT WAS THAT WORD!?!?!? D:
*Suffers from Urban Amnesia
by adambeast308 May 15, 2011

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A faux to is a video that is shown as a "how to" video but in reality is someone just bragging.

Let's say there was a video on Youtube, and it was about Call of Duty. The title of the video might be "How to get a 47 knife kill streak" but in reality has no educational value and you can't ACTUALLY learn how to get that kill streak but instead is someone just saying how good they are at the game.
A: Yo look at this video called "How to get a 47 knife kill streak"

B: That's cool. But it's a faux to.

A: What's that mean?

B: Did you ACTUALLY get a "how to" lesson or was the creator bragging about their mad cod skillz?

A: No..

B: See? Faux to.
by AdamBeast308 January 13, 2012

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