Person who jumps into relationships to have a place to live.
That fool only with her for a roof, he's a hobosexual.
by S8H2A4U7N7E February 10, 2017
Someone who enters or fakes a relationship to avoid homelessness.
Man, Trevor is such a hobosexual. What's he gonna do when he runs out of girls that will let him live with them?
by Cjciosjab jdja December 17, 2017
A Hobosexual is a person who gets into relationships to avoid being homeless.
I think he's only in a relationship with me because he has no where to live, yea that boy is a hobosexual.
by katethegr8 February 13, 2019
Adjective. The opposite of metrosexual; one who cares little for one's own appearance.
Examples: Michael Moore, Peter Jackson.
First documented hobosexual - John the Baptist.
by mellow_harsher April 11, 2005
a person of the opposite sex who come to visit you and wants to stay and live with you and start a relationship because they are homeless.
Chris, that hobosexual, stopped over and tried to give me a french kiss.
by zannish October 6, 2016
A no-good, lazy, unemployed man who has a phony relationship with a woman just to stay off the streets, where he belongs along with the other hobos.
Have you seen Robert mooching off Carole and living in her house in the foothills? He's even pretending to get his REALTOR's license...he's such a hobosexual.
by BigJimSlade January 28, 2017
Someone who enters relationship so they are no longer homeless.
Yo boy Dee Lover is baddest hobosexual ever met girl and the same night he moved in her apartment.
by Klover324 July 25, 2019