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When someone random tries to stick their finger in your butt crack (while you have clothes on)
Dude, I was crowd surfing and I totally think one of those fans tried to mac miller me!
by Tadaizy February 15, 2017
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A dope 18 year old original rapper from the berg he calls his crew K.I.D.S which stands for KICKING INCREDIBLY DOPE SHIT.
He is also close friends with rapper Wiz Khalifa and are soon going to make a mixtape together.
Is Eminem the only good white rapper??

Nope! Mac Miller ia also good!
by Haywood Jablome 4 Free? September 15, 2010
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Can be best decribed by the following quotes from Dom Mazzetti's video Dom Mazzetti vs. White Rappers:
1.) Before i go out, i try to stack on as much gear as possible. A Snapback hat from a team I dont care about, A chain with something stupid on it, A t-shirt with big font, a chain running from my wallet to my pocket, a crewneck sweatshirt, shit hanging out of my pockets, $300 dollar kicks, a beeper that i dont use...
2.)I fucking hustle. Money in money out..of my dads IRA...
3.)I have no stance on anything. Slash i rap about important issues. My lyrics are mad respectful. I rap about my life, my plight, my struggle, the scores i got on my GEPAs, Senior skip day, how many AP classes i took, my favorite video games, SAT prep class, My honda accord, that i totaled when i drove it into a tree, My replacement car, chores, summer houses, bud light lime, my island in the kitchen, my french door refrigerator, my upper middle class functional family, Fishing with my dad, the first 45 seconds of my song are just random phrases and laughter.
4.) All the hoes in my videos are resspectable women. Fully dressed, educated, and down to make out.
5.) I rap alot about how high i am. on weed. cause everyone needs to know that i smoke weed. little secret: i spray raid on my blunts.
Guy 1. Hey you know mac miller? he is the most dope! he is only like 18 and he went to wiz kahlifas high school and hes the best rhymer ever plus hes white!

Guy 2. Yeah i listen to good music sorry. anyways he had his dad transfer him from private school so he could go to the same school Wiz Khalifa went to. Yeah hes real. If im gonna listen to a white rapper it will be Necro, Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz, Slaine, etc...Philly fuck pittsburgh
by uhhhthatoneguy December 31, 2011
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Probably the most overrated rapper in history. He's a fucking teenager who brags about smoking weed and getting is balls sucked by some uglyass highschool girls. He's gotten all his shit from Wiz Khalifa only cuz they're both from Pittsburgh and like went to the same school. People saying he's better than Eminem? BULLSHIT. Does Mr. Mac Miller hold the record of 2 albums earning platinum awards? Nope. Mac miller doesn't even have an album out and you guys saying hes the greatest? Please, HOP OFF HIS DICK.
John: "Dude look at that piece of trash white boy tryin' to rap. He's so bad!"

Grant: "Oh man, he's totally a Mac Miller."
by MasterG96 July 19, 2011
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Some shitty white rapper from Pittsburgh. His dad is a popular dentist and he used to attend a private school before transferring to Wiz Khalifa's high school. He's a 19 year old who brags about smoking weed. He has good beats, but he never gives the producers credit. His rhymes are terrible and his voice is annoying.
Guy 1: Have you ever listened to Mac Miller before? He's such a great rapper!

Guy 2: I have, and my IQ dropped 10 points after doing so.
by Variable_Costs March 21, 2011
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Real name Malcolm McCormick,

a shitty wannabe white rapper from Pittsburgh who used to attend a private school which his celebrity dentist dad payed for, before willingly moving to the same public high school as Wiz Khalifa, another sub-par professional loser. He wishes he was black, and being successful and white without resorting to perpetuating degeneracy is uncool in Millers mind.

He used to sing love songs with a girl who, to be honest, probably has more bars than McCormick himself. The girl also had a deeper voice than Miller at the time, and likely still does. Miller is in his late twenties, though still acts like he is 16. The extent of his routine is highlighting weed and prescription drug abuse because in Millers tiny mind, it's cool to act and look like a loser.

He perpetuates unrealistic stereotypes of being a huge faggot to his pre-pubescent fanbase, falsely having them believe that anybody can be as shitty of a rapper as himself, so long as they follow in his foot steps of being a massive loser.

Miller gets around with his mouth open like he has some form of mental condition, this is probably linked to years of prescription drug abuse. He also is covered in crap tattoos that look like they cost him 50 dollars from Thailand when he went there to have sex with transvestites, which is he also well known to do.
Normal human being 1: Man.. who is that kid licking the window in a circular motion up the back of the bus?

Normal human being 2: Dude, Isn't it that Mac Miller kid?

Normal human being 1: Oh yeah shit, it is too! That's such a Mac Miller thing to do!
by TheDefinerOfThingsUndefined August 28, 2017
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A white rapper from Pittsburgh, who's real name is Malcolm McCormick. He has delivered mixtapes but is going to release albums too. his flow is most dope and easy to listen too. Hes only a teenager about to make more money than you so hate on hater.
kid 1) have you heard of Mac Miller?

Kid 2) yeah, my favorite song is kool aid & frozen pizza!
by BlueSlidePark July 23, 2011
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