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Yellow diamond (heard in the song "We Found Love" by Rhianna) means Ecstasy, E, Beans, Rolls, Adam, MDMA, etc. But however you call it, methylenedioxy- methamphetamine is what Yellow Diamond means in the song's context

The lyrics "We found love in a hopeless place" explains the effects of the chemical on the human psyche.

Decades ago, MDMA was actually used as a therapeutic tool to help couples with differences in Marriage Counseling, although there is more to the overall story than that, this is the only portion I care to explain that pertains to the song.

Let's say a couple was having a difficult time in their relationship (aka a hopeless place, not necessarily meaning a physical location, but a state of their being)

This "hope" that Rhianna is talking about ARE the Yellow Diamonds

She refers to it as "hope" because the effects the drug brings on are feelings of love, euphoria, happiness, and peace (all together being sheer ecstasy)

Therefore, the hope can help those who are in a hopeless point in their life may find some insight through using, not ABusing these chemical tools to find peace within and with others.
Yellow diamonds can help you to find love in a hopeless place
by adamBeast308 December 17, 2011
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