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An "omni-word" that is can be used to describe any object or person. Also most commonly used as an explicative (or verb).

Began in Northwestern University in December of 2009, its use continues to propagate through college campuses throughout the country.
"O chander, whats up?"

(Man steps in dog shit) "CHANDER! I just ruined my brand new fucking shoes!"
by chanderlover May 12, 2010
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A gay faggot that was abused by his girlfriend (when he had one). He now roams the streets humping and fingering people. He also broke a gay pride rubber band.
by Noobslayer69 February 13, 2018
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Steve started mixing vodka with tequila - result: after half an hour he chandered on the carpet!
by ST-JOHN August 03, 2009
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A strange psydonum for a person named Alexander. Origin came from the name Charmander; a pokemon.

Simply remove the letters a,r,m from Charmander. Which gives us the psydonum Chander.
Hey Chander! How are you?
by Stratager April 15, 2009
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