To not fully fuck the woman to her satisfaction but well enough/long enough to get off yourself - i.e. not give her the whole penis or only fuck her for a short period of time
She pissed me off but I was horny so I short-stroked her...

Dude - I totally rationed out that cock - short-stroked her this time and if she is nice, I'll give her a little more next time...
by BahamaBoy June 8, 2005
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"Are you finished jacking off?"
"I'm down to the short strokes."

"How's dinner coming?"
"I'm down to the short strokes."
by Mr Special August 18, 2019
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An expression that means the approach of the end of a process or task; anticipating completion as the final steps are finished.
The city planner announced to the audience that the park upgrade project is coming down to the short strokes as the city will open the park this weekend.
by R. Harding November 10, 2007
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