The United States' favorite term when justifying its actions against non-Western or Islamic nations. The rationale being that America's not just acting in its own interests, but in the interests of the "International Community."
"(Iran and Syria's) problem is not with the United States, it's with the international community."

- White House spokesman Scott McClellan, February 16, 2005
by uclafalcon February 16, 2005
A school that teaches students that has been expelled mostly uae students that smokes the school doesn’t punish and barely has any rules voted #1 gayest school in uae
by Uae schools October 31, 2018
a literal hallway that they call a school
99% of the school population is asian
Person 1: Bro international community school is hell on earth

Person 2: agreed
by heheyouwillneverknow November 16, 2021
This is another description of a trolley boy. When still at college I collected trolleys for a large supermarket, and this was the job description for that job.
To make sure that the customers have access to a trolley if they require one.
Quintin: Great news everyone, I got a new job today at the supermarket!
Sammie: Thats great! What job is it?
Quintin: I'm an Internal Transport Communicator!
Sammie: Sounds important, how would people shop without a trolley? I'm so proud of you!
by Paul Fleming July 10, 2006
A holiday occurring on September 3rd. On this day, people are free to maim and murder communists and anarchists as they please with no legal repercussions whatsoever. On top of this, outspoken communist or anarchist views/propaganda is illegal, and punishable by either life in prison, or death, depending on the severity.
Guys, it's International Fuck Communism Day! Whaddya say we go gut a marxist!?
by BurgerBurglar December 6, 2020
The day we all celebrate the millions of people that are part of the spam community. We will also celebrate and honor, iggy azealia, and @spamcouncil on instagram. (spam council is a group of spammers that run the spam community)
oh my god!!! girls and gays, it’s International Spam Community Day!!!”
by xenoclip October 19, 2019