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The best Bond move ever. PERIOD.
With Casino Royale, MGM have redeemed themselves with the garbage that was the Pierce Brosnan films.
by A Gorilla December 03, 2006

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The Best selling system of all time, with over 100 million units sold. Whenever you see a Xbox or nintendo fanboy bashing it, remind them it has sold FIVE TIMES MORE THAN THE XBOX OR GAMECUBE (they each have only sold about 20 million each, how sad for such "superior systems" as the fanboys keep calling them.
Numbers do not lie... Get a Playstation2.
by A Gorilla August 02, 2006

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What makes or breaks all high school relationships. It isnt fair, buts it's true and you all know it
Girl 1: OMG my BF got me concert tickets for Valentine's Day, I LUV HIM!

Girl 2: Mine only got me candy, I fucking hate him
by A Gorilla August 20, 2007

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The Microsoft of electronics. Like Microsoft a buch of idiots and morons bash their products simply cause Sony made them...
The following is an actual conversation I once had:

Me: Hey check out my PSP.
Idiot: Dude that thing is crap!
Me: What exactly makes it crap?
Idiot: Sony made it.
Me: So t could be the best handheld ever and it would still be crap to you just cause Sony made it?
Idiot: Yup.
Me: *Gives idiot a Dead Arm, walks away*
by A Gorilla December 03, 2006

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See Lawyer (AKA Spawn of Satan)
Lawyers: the cause of all of lifes problems, shame on all the idiot parents that want their kids to become one. Lawyers are pure evil
by A Gorilla July 09, 2007

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The epiphany of everything that is wrong with pop-culture today. Over-priced, over-exposed, over-used, and a POS interface (iTunes). And its WAAY too expensive. Also a blatant monopoly (last time I checked those were illegal).
Dont buy an Ipod. Buy Creative, or Rhapsody. Hell, buy a Zune like me. ANYTHING but an Ipod
by A Gorilla December 02, 2006

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Halo (single player)is average at best. Anyone that says otherwise needs to play Half-life 2, Doom, or Killzone
by A Gorilla December 03, 2006

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