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Most commonly heard in northern climates; defines the annoying clump of compact snow that collects in wheelwells of automobiles. Removable only with a good kick from a well booted foot. Also, anything that impedes progress in a timely or smooth manner.
I can't finish this essay; I've got snardlumps on the brain.
by Zippy March 8, 2005
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Four stars that roughly form a cross. The stars are generally visible in the Southern Hempisphere.
The Southern Cross includes the closest star to Earth
by Zippy April 22, 2005
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A girl that seems like at your first meeting you are her best friend, how sweet she is. She sucks you into her world of " poor victim to all her relationships" all along stabbing you behind her back. Saying the same awful things she says about others to you. Judging everything you say and do. If you are 100 percent on her side about everything she will do break your spirit.
Innocent chick: " I feel so sorry for Lisa, she seems to have it so hard, and her husband is such an jerk, and her friends never call her or understand her stresses, poor Lisa! "
Every X friend : " that Lisa selfish, but you keep her company while we hear her talk shit about you, thanks"

Don't be a Lisa, treat your friends with love and respect, except yourself and other for all that they are. If you can not then let them go and never speak an ill word of them again!
by Zippy February 9, 2012
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term relating to the activtiy of ambulance crews when moving someone on a trolley / gurenty when one of the crew members straddles the patioient to continue cardiac compressions
i code surfed from the cookie shop al lthe way to the car park
by Zippy April 9, 2004
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Derived from the abbreviation for "Parental Guidance", PG is used for describing something rude or potentially offensive for which the conversation participants may require adult supervision.
"Oh Fiddlesticks!"
"Whoa, that's a bit PG!"
by Zippy January 5, 2005
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So then Gmoney says to me, "Yo homie I scored some of da Chronic while rolling hard in my FedEx truck!"
by Zippy January 31, 2005
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WONI can best be described as the two sweetest people in the world. They are meant to be as one. Walker and Toni are WONI. The one and only. #couplegoals
Did you see WONI at the prom? Yeah, like they lit the room up.
by Zippy January 8, 2017
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