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1. (Psychology) - Circumstance of unfulfilled expectation, resulting in disappointment.

2. (Physiology) - An inverted orgasm, where the penis backfires, blasting fizzing molten semen right back up the semeniferous tubules, through the Tubular Bells into the Shatner's Bassoon. Ignorance of anticlimax in Victorian times meant that male pregnancy was poorly understood, with auto-bonked self-pregnant males often suffering scepticism and discrimination.
1. "Had sex with Sarah Palin this morning - what an anticlimax..."

2. "Had sex with Sarah Palin this morning, causing my pork pilaster to recoil and backfire smash-bang up my Shatner's Bassoon - what an anticlimax!!!"
by Oxford-English-Dictionary March 20, 2014
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An ending that makes you headdesk.
Three racehorses were sitting in a bar bragging to each other about their life accomplishments.

The first horse boasts "I've been in 59 races and I've won 35 of them."

"That's nothing," says the second horse. "I've raced 97 times, and I've won 78 of them!"

The third horse joins in: "Well, I've raced 122 times and I've won 102!"

Just then, the horses hear a voice say, "I've got you all beat!"

The horses look down and see a greyhound.

"I've raced over 200 times, and I have NEVER lost!"

The horses look at the dog in amazement.

One of them says "How about that! A talking dog!"
by Dotted Line July 14, 2005
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Something with a disappointing end.

Reading a exciting book that ends in a really fast and dull way.

Having sex with me.
Friend: "Jennipher is really into you."
You: "Awesome! I've gotta go tell everybody!"
Friend: "No, Jennipher.. with a P and a H, not with an F."
You: "What an anticlimax!"
by SuperAlterEgo July 06, 2009
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Ineffective end to anything that has suggested a climax.
"When I clicked on 'Anticlimax' I was expecting something smutty. It was a real anticlimax to find a sensible definition."
by zippy January 05, 2005
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When a man is on the verge of climax but gets distracted by something important. Instead of ejaculating and shooting something out of his penis, the jerking recoil sucks the entirety of existence into his penis.
CERN's newly built Large Hadron Collider promises the potential to answer may of life's greatest questions.

However, the greatest threat that it poses is not (as is commonly believed) the creation of a black hole, but in fact an 'anticlimax' caused by some frisky physicists simultaneously doing the nasty and discovering the Higgs-Boson particle.
by corner-shop colin April 15, 2011
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