61 definitions by Zak

a variation of the word "yeah" but only used for extra emphasis in situations
"Jeyah" is usually said by itself, before anything else is said and the context is whatever you want to make it.
by Zak March 03, 2003
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A user on gamerankings.com with the most insane posting skillz ever. He pwns you in posting
"Whoah, did you see Jay reached 10k in 2 months? He is a wiked poster!"
by Zak July 03, 2004
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Hall of fame for none other then neal diamond where priceless neal memrobilia is held by Cowboy WAyne And JD McNugent.

how about we start here in the HALL O'NEAL
by Zak March 04, 2005
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Insert picture od aml here.
Aml has the leet idle skills, he is so godly.
by Zak March 31, 2005
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Underground, New York City based rapper who was born in Peru and usually raps about political subjects.
By far the most educated rapper out there, if you listen to his lyrics, you will definitely have to look up at least some of the people or ideas he used in his music.
Doesn't care who he offends, but most of his views would be described as liberal.
Turned down a development deal from Sony to remain independent.
"Give me a hundred grand, give me your watch, give me your chain.
That's your girl? Bitch, get over here and give me some brain.
I'll bust off on her face and right after the segment,
She'll probably rub it in her pussy, trying to get herself pregnant.
I said it, I meant it, that's the way I deal with enemies,
Like pro-lifers that support the death penalty,
And don't talk about war when niggers know that you pussy,
A fucking hypocrite, draft-dodger like George Bush."
-Immortal Technique in Obnoxious
by Zak November 10, 2004
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Similar to "In a bit" or "Inabit". A way of saying goodbye.
Inabitch blud.
by Zak May 11, 2004
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1. The action most perform by Jay.
2. Posting at a mad, insane rate.
"That _______ person has been Jaying lately."
"Yeah, he got a lot of posts yesterday."
by Zak July 06, 2004
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