Located in Montgomery County, Maryland. Known for it's bad traffic, true-to-their-home students, late night drag racing on University Boulevard, a two minute drive from the University of Maryland, and great girls who know how to combine great athletic abilities and good looks into one.
Guy #1: So what's goin on tonight?
Guy #2: Dunno, wanna go chill with these girls from Silver Spring?
Guy #1: Oh hell yeah, they're the best!
by anonymous November 21, 2003
A city in Maryland that borders the District of Columbia. It was a "ghetto" town, marked by extreme decadence by the early nineties. After a massive reconstruction effort (which began around 1998), Silver Spring is now a prosperous town; marked with a variety of shops, restaurants, book stores, and yes, a Chipotle. It can be compared to the likes of Bethesda, but it's much cooler. Side note - Silver Spring offers much more diversity than Bethesda.
Person A: Have you seen the new Borders downtown?
Person B: Yeah, it's right next to the new Majestic Theater. Man, they've really changed Silver Spring...
Person A: Yeah, it's awesome!
by J.N.F. December 28, 2005
A place where the party starts late and ends early the next day. Where the nights are memoriable and the friends are true. No place like $$....
by nikki tro December 16, 2003
A city in Maryland where you can find a fake ass mall witth cheap ass stores and where there is a sloppy ass metro station
A:Yo you trinna go to the Silver SPring Mall
B:Na I'd rather go to 7-11
by swaggtasticly mine April 25, 2011
A city in Maryland, bordering the District of Columbia. It is basically a place where you can meet your friends and maybe grab some food from Chipotle or Noodles & Company before you do something interesting...SOMEWHERE ELSE.
K: Hey, I'm on my way from Takoma Park.
A: I'm in Wheaton on the train.
K: Wanna meet in Silver Spring for food before going to the ____ in ____?
A: Sure! I'll be there in a few.
by yourenemysenemy January 26, 2009
the only place where u can drive 5 minutes one way and go into a rural area and 5 minutes the other way and go into a city
u can get to a rural area pretty quick after u leave wheaton if u go on Layhill away from D.C.
by dhatroit December 15, 2004
Refered to primarily as Bling Bling Silver Spring or $ilver Bling because of its abundance of welathy suburbanites and flashy diverse urban neighborhoods. Silver Spring is a destination and multiple people from different neighborhoods may all live within this large area.
1: Bro, where are you from?
2: Dude im from Silver Spring of course
1: Sweet, me too, what part...
2: Forest Glen, what about you?
1: Oh cool, im near Wheaton
by SilverBlinger January 1, 2005