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Evil represented by steel on tires. Driven by conservatives who don't want to conserve. Gets less miles to the gallon than the first car invented.
My friend and I went on a cross-country road trip; I drove a Model T, he drove an SUV. He could go faster, but we got to the coast at the same time because I didn't have to gas up as often.
by Zeke October 31, 2003

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Someone who thinks they are the best and are never wrong.
Aretha is very Egotistical
by Zeke April 08, 2004

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A rude, thoughtless, and abrasive person with poor taste. Derived by reference to shriveled testicles and/or wrinkles on the male genitals.
That guy we met at the party last night was such a fucking shriv.
by Zeke September 05, 2004

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A model so hot she can melt lead.
The dentist needs to use a special X-ray vest when Josie Maran comes in, 'cuz she'll melt the regular ones.
by Zeke August 05, 2005

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To be hot, awesome...totally sweet
thas so sonu, said Zeke
by Zeke January 30, 2004

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nice way of saying 'yo'. l33t sp34k.
j0 j00 h4x0r. \/\/hU+ Up?
by Zeke May 09, 2003

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1. A recreational sport in which people tour through wooded trails at a leisurely pace.

2. A grueling competitive sport in which skiers, using classical or freestyle technique, try their best to mentally and physically outperform other skiers. Europe, especially Scandinavia, tends to have the best skiers.

3. A high school and college sport (assuming you live in a snowy enough area) that tends to attract cross country runners, soccer players, attractive girls, and, in my experience, Latin students.
Cross country skiing is a nice way to get around.

Thousands of cross country skiers compete in the American Birkebeiner in Cable, Wisconsin.

Cross country skiing is a good way to meet women.
by Zeke April 22, 2006

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