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Pronounced like "Tigger," a Teaguer specifically refers to a person born and raised on Chincoteague Island, VA (Chincoteague itself is pronounced like "Shin'-co-teeg", but locals cram it into two syllables, like "Shinc-tee"). Chincoteague is a tourist town located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, known for the wild ponies that live on nearby Assateague Island. Teaguers are fiercely proud of the fact that they're from where they're from, for some reason, and call anyone that has not been born and raised on Chincoteague "come heres," while referring to themselves as "from heres." Teaguers also have a distinct variation of the Southern accent.
Them Teaguers don't take no guff from nobody, I tell you what.
by Z. Tenao December 06, 2011
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The act of anilingus, especially while high, particularly on crack cocaine. The adverb "high" not only refers to both parties being high on drugs, but also the risk of having diarrhea rain down upon the person providing oral contact as a result of the crack.
I don't eat pussy, myself, but I'll go high holin' from time to time. You gotta know to get the fuck out the way when that asshole start quiverin', though.
by Z. Tenao December 06, 2011
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1. Nickname of former NHLer Alexei Kovalev, given by Montreal Canadiens fans during his tenure there, due to his superior stickhandling and skating skills.

2. Someone who pulls off a stunning feat of dexterity, agility, athleticism, gaming skill, etc., whether intended or accidental.
1. Did you you see that sick-ass goal L'Artiste buried the other night?

2. Party Guy 1: "Check this shit out, dude. You will never witness another beer pong shot like this in your life. I'm callin' it... Off the table, off the wall, off Mark's head, off that girl's bigass left titty and in the cup..... YESSSS!!!"

Party Guy 2: "Holy shit!! Fucking L'Artiste in the house!"
by Z. Tenao December 06, 2011
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Low quality individual. Basically, any person deemed to be of inferior intellect, common sense, social skills, etiquette, savoir faire, etc. Usage of the term would become appropriate following a demonstrable offense of the above (someone doing something tactless, tasteless, idiotic, or that which breaks either general or local unspoken rules of society).
1. Dave: "What's up with this douche pissing around in the left-hand lane? Move over, gramps!"

Bob: "What an l.q.i."

2. Anne: "I asked you to pick me up something from the liquor store, and you bring me Mad Dog 20/20?! Jesus H. Christ, you're an l.q.i., Phil."
by Z. Tenao December 06, 2011
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1. The equivalent of clapping in ice hockey, in which a player literally taps his stick against the ice, boards or glass to create a clapping sound. As with clapping, this is generally a congratulatory gesture, or sometimes a sign of respect or encouragement (as with a player leaving the rink with an injury).

2. Outside of the actual playing of hockey, the term may be used as above, or to give a shout-out, recognition, etc. for pretty much any reason. In this case, when used in writing (as in message boards, blogs, etc.) the term is often abbreviated as s/t.
1. Only an asshole doesn't give a stick tap when they're finished playing the national anthem.

2. S/t to Casey for pointing out that shortcut. I had no idea it was there!
by Z. Tenao December 07, 2011
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smegma (male or female, doesn't matter)
I haven't taken a shower for a week, so I got some Amish marmalade happenin' down there.
by Z. Tenao December 06, 2011
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noun. Any substance used to facilitate an erection (e.g., Viagra).
Shit, it's my wife's birthday. Hope I still got some Chub-on in the medicine cabinet.
by Z. Tenao December 06, 2011
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