A town with a relatively small population that seems to grow exponentially during the summer due to tourists. Usually located close to many major places of interest - to the tourists, naturally, as the locals have seen everything of interest at least 50 million times. More often than not, these tourists keep summer homes - they're too damn wussy to survive the rest of the year there.
I hate living in a tourist town - there's always a fucking traffic jam!
by Yazzy July 10, 2005
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A girl who doesn’t no how to say no and has sex with everybody in her home town. Touring guy after guy faster girl after guy
That photographer is a home-town tourist, that’s why there’s so much pain in her photos.
by Iamthepuma January 29, 2019
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Often have a mix of old buildings, old buildings with newer interior, and newer buildings with older interior selling adult (vulgar not sus) products, local foods, rip off toys, and playing 80s pop music
Mackinac is a Midwest tourist town
by Nascarfan2007 September 18, 2022
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