96 definition by Yo Mama

The exact opposite of a Turtlehead.
Being so constapated that your cheeks get sucked in and when
it comes out its tight little pelets.
i need to drink a ton of laxative right now, i haven't crapped in 2 weeks,
i've got major rabbit@ss right now...damn it hurts...
by Yo Mama October 14, 2003

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A fun web-based game, often compared to Neopets, that is at www.bootleggers.us
Bootleggers is my faveroite web-based game.
by Yo Mama January 18, 2005

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Girls who hang around a fraternity in hopes of finding a boyfriend/husband. Usually they find neither but end up geting fucked by numeroius members of the fraternity.
I hope this semester we get some new little sisters!
by yo mama September 16, 2003

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doin the nastyyy.. gettin dirty on the dance floor.
Dos bitches were freakin on the dance floor.
by yo mama June 26, 2003

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to suck a womans nice beautiful toes
let me suck yor nice ass toes
by yo mama March 06, 2004

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giving a blow job
she loves playing the one hole skin flute
by yo mama September 11, 2003

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Crystal Meth is a drug that gets you high as a motherfucker.
(Taken from GTA : San Andreas) "Those white boys had me on crystal meth"
by Yo Mama January 05, 2005

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