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Jizzus is when a man is performing intercourse with a woman who often exclaims "oh my God" during moments of pleasure, and the gentleman therefore climaxes to the mental image of Jesus Christ, and since the man is not properly hydrated, he dry-fires inside the woman but she still becomes impregnated, mirroring the emaculate conception of Jesus Christ
George Stephanopoulos: " Hey I heard you nailed Mrs. Huck last night, how did that go?".

Alexander Dumas:"yeah, she kept on screaming 'oh my god!', so when I finally nutted I had a jizzus."
by Søren Kierkegaard October 06, 2017
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Use it when you want to say "Jesus!" but don't want to use the lords name in vain.
Holy Jizzus that was a hell of a par-teh!
by Yo Mama October 17, 2003
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The demigod of love, known for turning the aftermath of ejaculation into fine liquor.
Of course Brittany doesn't believe in Jizzus, she's a Mormon!
by jizzus of asserath March 07, 2011
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