The exact opposite of a Turtlehead.
Being so constapated that your cheeks get sucked in and when
it comes out its tight little pelets.
i need to drink a ton of laxative right now, i haven't crapped in 2 weeks,
i've got major rabbit@ss right now...damn it hurts...
by Yo Mama October 14, 2003
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a girl with a nice ass who upon getting married or becoming involved in a relationship with a man finds that the size of her ass begins to multiply in a rate that corresponds with the period of the relationship. (Similar to the way rabbits multiply when they "couple.")
Peter: That Jane used to be hot, but since she hooked up with Mike, damn her ass has got huuge!

Freddy: She's a rabbit-ass. Since she's been with him, her ass is multiplyin' in size every week!

by hot-dog August 23, 2007
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someone who is acting crazy or not thinking clearly. absurd and way off base. behaving in a manner as to call your sanity into question.
"i know this nigga must be out his rabbit ass mind thinking i'm gone drive way crosstown to pick his ass up."

"this bitch must be out her rabbit ass mind calling my phone asking for ronnie."
by maryjane420 July 20, 2005
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N. A mythical small lagomorph with a fully developed booty for a head, that produces feces in a manner similar to chocolate ice cream.
Man, I tell you I'm terrified of getting a Cleveland Steamroller from an ass-rabbit at night. Way worse than any boogyman.
by DickHeadMcFuck April 04, 2015
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1) Someone who jumps on other people's asses like a rabbit.
2) An asshole who just can't let it go
Daniel just won't get shut up about it. He is such an ass rabbit.
by Laughing-London October 18, 2018
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