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A place that white people are afraid to go to. To them it is the epitome of the ghetto. Many people from other parts of the Bronx are even afraid to go to the South Bronx.
Though once being made up of vibrant neighborhoods such as Mott Haven, Hunts Point, Melrose, Morrisania and Highbridge, now it's just culturally deteriorated to the "South Bronx".
by YO Man December 17, 2004

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A town where Italian-American kids think they are ghetto in spite of the fact that they hate black people and drive BMW convertibles and Volkswagen Jettas to school while blasting rap, ironically. A place where parents pass on their working class Bronx values to their upper middle class children. A place where kids decide they should speak in a fake Bronx accent because they lived in Riverdale until they were 2. A town that will never let you forget it is only 5 miles from "Da Bronx."
People in Eastchester are a bunch of morons, but people at SUNY Binghamton were even more moronic, so I actually do miss Eastchester High in some ways.
by YO Man June 30, 2004

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A place predominantly known for its racetrack. Otherwise regarded as the "6th borough" of NYC (sometimes Jersey City/Hoboken is the 6th boro however.) For those of you not familiar with it, most of Yonkers is like Staten Island without the landfills; the downtown area is similar to Newark, N.J. Though located in notoriously wealthy Westchester County, Yonkers is largely middle and lower middle class and has little in common with the rest of the county and is probably more like New Jersey (Of course, this would have been an insult before the Sopranos made Jersey hip).
The two main ethnic areas are McLean Avenue/Woodlawn (Irish) and Dunwoodie (the Little Italy of Yonkers, where you literally can find people who look like they could be on Tony Soprano's crew). There is also an upper middle class area called Crestwood which doesn't like to identify with Yonkers.
Population 200,000
Area Code 914
Zip Code 107's
by YO Man June 30, 2004

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An Irish neighborhood (well, THE Irish neighborhood i guess) in the Bronx, NY. Main drags are Katonah Avenue, and McLean Avenue (which is technically in Yonkers, but is usually considered part of the neighborhood because the Irishness extends into Yonkers for a few blocks.) Woodlawn and McLean Heights are often collectively called Wood-Lean.
Woodlawn is 60% Irish.
by YO Man June 24, 2004

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Gang related question
"Where the fuck u from dogg??"
no where homie i dont bang foo

by yo man February 20, 2003

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A town in Westchester where kids think they are "niggas" who are "from" the South Bronx because they lived in the Bronx's upper middle class Country Club section until age 1.
Eastchester is full of guidos
by YO Man December 12, 2004

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A rich, ritzy, suburban alternative to the Upper East Side, in that it's the same snobs living in both areas. Ironically Bronxville has "Bronx" in its name, but that is because the Bronx RIVER is the western boundary of the Village of Bronxville. Bronxville is like Scarsdale, but more expensive because it is closer to the city.
The Bronx River runs through the middle of the Bronx and passes through the Bronx Zoo.
by YO Man July 11, 2004

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