don't beg it, another way of saying stop taking the mick/ stop messing around.
Friend~Ha Ha I beat u 5-0 on FIFA
You~Dbi *rolls eye*
by XxZoexX July 26, 2020
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don't beg it
this slang word is used widely amongst the English youth. It is generally used referring to someone who is kissing ass and generally begging for someone to like them or seem cool or whatever.
it is now however used to just simply annoy each other.
dbi: when a person who wasn't raised around 'the streets/ghetto' uses slang just to impress or seem cool or maybe the other way round...a person who uses big words to simply impress.
by dudettttth July 27, 2011
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Don't Bang It

Advising someone not to have sexual relations with a person or object
Person: That mouse-trap has been eyeing me up, I think it likes me...
Sane friend: Dbi
by JumpingMafu November 24, 2015
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don't be immy
dbi (don't be immy) means to generally be a fool, so if someone's being silly they should be told to not be immy
by Rucho November 1, 2011
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dont beg it!

begging it with people all the time

started by josh f
boy 1. you look nice today (to a girl)
boy 2. omg, DBI
by wff14 May 9, 2010
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*John liked Alice's photo*

Johns mate : DBI.
by LOL wt? July 27, 2011
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