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Central character of HomestarRunner.com. White armless guy with a speech impediment and a slow wit who nonetheless dates the only girl and has the only propeller cap. Constant victim of Strong Bad and The Cheat. Known for obsessing over Fluffy Puff Marshmallows, Melonade, Mountain Dew, and the witch's brew.
"So what's the W stand fow? Witch's bwew?"

"Befowe I dwink a taww gwass of Mewonade, I wike to eat about a hundwed an' fowty-seven Fwuffity Puffity Mawshalades!"

"Hey Stwong Bah, can I bowwow youw fondue pot?"
by Wubbzy February 11, 2004

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Delicious snack cake made from steam and sugar. First made by Kevin Grumbles. Rumored to be the dessert of choice for liars and thieves - and those people go to prison. (Just ask The Cheat.)
"I'll give you half a Grumblecake if you say something smart."
by Wubbzy February 19, 2004

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Character in Strong Bad's "Sweet Cuppin' Cakes" concept who is not exactly a person. Looks like a brown block with eyes and a mouth. Shows up once an episode to deliver his catchphrase - "Eh! Steve!" Sworn enemy of the talking wheelchair.
"Eh! Steve!"
by Wubbzy February 10, 2004

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An army assembled by Colonel Homestar Runner to invade Strong Badia. Consists of Homestar Runner, Strong Sad, Homsar, a painting of a guy with a knife, and a popcorn popper. Application fee: $5.
"Cowonaiwe Homestaw Wunnow is wecwuiting the most eweet team of quack commandos to invade Stwong Badia. Do you has what it takes to join the Homestawmy? DO YOU, stupid?!"
by Wubbzy February 10, 2004

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The name of the striped worm. Known for eating the arms of little kids. Tends to show up around Decemberween.
"Erweenga is the name of the striped worm. Get dead, kid."
by Wubbzy July 23, 2004

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Ancient and mystical delicacy favored by the Aztecs, claimed by Strong Bad to sound a-prettypretty good. Known to induce lightswitch-raves.
"I'm gonna go find me some of that Technochocolate. It sounds a-prettypretty good."
by Wubbzy February 10, 2004

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A text-based MUSH where boys can pretend to be lesbians and have lots of cybersex with other boys pretending to be lesbians, listen to angst whores whine on the public channel, or go around begging for sex at the hot springs.
"So nobody cares, but. Republicans, gay rights, my haircut."
"i am fondeling ur cilt"
"i m cuming liek a waterfall"
"omg wats ur name ^.^ ^.^"
by Wubbzy May 08, 2005

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