A very funny, random website of flash cartoons. Most cartoons on the site either star Homestar Runner or Strong Bad.

Other characters on this site include:
The Cheat
Coach Z
Pom Pom
The King of Town
The Poopsmith
Strong Sad
Strong Mad
Are you a fan of HomestarRunner.com?
by Mutant Circus February 11, 2004
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coolest website on some days, like the ones they update. complete with e-mails, cartoons, merchandise, and things that will make you laugh so hard you'll sneeze and fart at the same time. good stuff.
Homestaw wunnah dot org. It's dot com!
by iwantsomeaspirin August 18, 2004
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What Homestar Runner said when he thought he was imitating a guy at sea while promoting his website, homestarrunner.com.
Homestar: Welcome to The USS Homestarrunner.com! I am your captain, Homestar Runner.
Director: Cut!
by Daniel December 6, 2003
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