The act of doing, or being excited over something so completely amazing, that you could just die.

Describing a level of intoxication or being "down" with something.
"Let's get dead tonight!!!"

"I'm dead with that, Bro."
by Cristina Nicole October 27, 2007
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what you say to someoneyou want to get out of your life
boi 1: get dead man..
boi 2: what
by haydenÕwÕ November 3, 2019
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An American curruption of the phrase "don't get killed".

Ofton used as a joke.
by IrishRepublicanArmy November 16, 2003
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A goofy way to warn someone of the concequences if something is not done or they are in trouble.
guy 1: damnit I forgot about that project.

guy 2: but it's due today.

guy 1: whatever.

guy 2: you wanna get dead?

guy 1: 0.0
by annnnonnnnymous September 4, 2011
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