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A very attractive person; can be either male or female.
John and Ruth are two major hotties at our school.
by WindWaker68 July 22, 2004

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1. The greatest musical instrument of classical and jazz music.
2. An instrument that gets all the solos.
1. Everyone recognizes a trumpet whenever they see it or hear it being played.
2. The trumpet got the solo because it sounded so cool and could be heard easily.
by Windwaker68 October 26, 2003

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What CATS from Zero Wing did to the ship in A.D. 2101, when war was beginning. Maybe it means "Somebody has set up a bomb on us?" No one will ever know for sure.
Captain: What happen?
Operator: Somebody set up us the bomb!
by WindWaker68 May 25, 2004

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A series of video games about farming (yes farming), raising animals, raising a family, and just...living. It focuses on small-time living, making friends with villagers while making a profit from your farmland. Although sounding boring to most people, this genre has been known to be terribly addictive.
Jack owns every single Harvest Moon game, from its beginning days on the SNES to the newest one on the Gamecube.
by WindWaker68 May 25, 2004

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The source of many jokes.
A guy walks into a bar...
by WindWaker68 May 01, 2004

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The gas bacteria in the large intestine produce when feeding on your feces. It's what gives crap and farts their smell. The release of flatus is called flatulence.
John farted some stanky flatus after eating at Taco Bell.
by WindWaker68 April 06, 2004

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A light, one handed sword used mainly in fencing.
John grabbed his rapier and got into fencing form
by WindWaker68 April 05, 2004

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