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a genre/style of music that seems like a hip hop instrumental (high bass, has a beat) it is considered a type of electronic style music. It also often takes quotes from older songs/ movies and puts them into the song to add some type of strange effect. Many also have some element of rap in them.
by Wiggity Wack January 10, 2004
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A white rapper that will be taken By Fpos aka Levi the 13th. ST thinks that he can rap, but hes just another white boy from the suburbs. the F-possy takes this shithead to town.
U cracker fool. Usin the mic like its a tool. Dont try fuckin with me, im the 3rd makaveli. Heres a faggot you can fuck and kill for free.

Dont even try, bitch.
by Wiggity Wack April 02, 2004
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A Brand of Nike Shoes that have brite colors that reminice of the eightys. Often reffered to as UpTemps
ive been strollin in my new uptemps.
by Wiggity Wack January 11, 2004
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A number Symbolizing Power. Used many times in mythology and found many times in the bible as power.
and he shall return on the 3rd day.
by Wiggity Wack March 11, 2004
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while sometimes known as fucking piece of shit, it has many variations, according to who u want to make fun of. Faggot piece of shit, Fatass piece of shit and etc.
There is also an underground beatmixer/ Rapper known as Fpos (Fat Piece of Shit) joined by dICE and the rest of the F-possy they bust down the rap kingdom
That Fpos, he is one fine lookin dude!
by Wiggity Wack January 07, 2004
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rapper for the notorious ROCaFella records. BTW check out another rapper that goes by the name Fpos.
by Wiggity Wack April 02, 2004
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The driving force of someone/thing. A Motivation. Could also be an abreviation of pill pusher.
She is my pusher, without her i wouldnt be alive.
by Wiggity Wack January 14, 2004
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