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Lyndsey is a girl who has natural beauty that will amaze even the pickiest men around. She knows how to make you laugh and can take a joke without freaking out. She is a generous person who helps people when they need her. She is an overall gem, and a magnificent catch for any man. If you have a Lyndsey you better hold on to her because someone is waiting for there chance to sweep her off her feet.
I wish all girls could be a Lyndsey.
by Raisinettes May 03, 2009
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The pretty tomboy every guy falls for. Is short and has brown hair and eyes. A lyndsey is sure to be the center of attention. Can be a rude bitch and steal your guy's attention, drawing them in with her sap story of her otherwise okay life. Crazy, loud, pouty, snotty, sarcastic, and a whiney drama queen, it takes patience to deal with a Lyndsey.
Did you hear the latest news about lyndsey? She's such an insatiable bitch
by b&m1788 April 28, 2013
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An amazing girl who is beautiful and sexy inside and out. She always has a compliment for everybody and is the nicest person in the world
"Man, I wish I could date a hot Lyndsey"
by Lalala_lalove43 June 06, 2015
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Lyndsey is the most prettiest and sweetest girl you'll ever meet. Almost every guy falls in love with a Lyndsey. Her eyes are beautiful and she's a good kisser. A Lyndsey helps people and makes everyone happy. Lyndsey is weird but also a Lyndsey does it to be funny. A Lyndsey might be crazy but a guy should keep her and never let he go. A Lyndsey has her ups and downs but after a while she's your friend again.
(Guy1) I fell in love with Lyndsey the minute I layed eyes on her!
(Guy2) I saw her first man!!!
by jklyse538 March 10, 2015
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Lyndsey is a girl who is very nice. She is odd and mysterious, but is the life of the party.
Man: Look at Lyndsey, she is partying hard
by Powtato May 20, 2015
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Lyndsey is the girl ANY guy would like to be with.She is known as the most prettiest and awesomeness by any guy that has good taste.You can call her Lynda(which means beautiful in spanish),gorgeous,sweetheart and most importantly yours if you're lucky to have one.If you're with a Lynsey well you can consider your life to be full of happiness.She is worth fighting and holding on for.She's a lovable friendly great girl.Love her as much as you can and never let her change her mind about you.She is truly a girl that can make your life a million times even better. :)
Guy 1:You see that girl man?

Guy 2: yeah?

Guy 1: Thats what you call a Lyndsey,she is truly the best girl any lucky guy could be with!

Guy 2: Man you are so correct!
by Love4ever10-30 January 11, 2011
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Where to even start. This is a girl that will change you. Every night, no longer do you think of the dark, only her, the bright candle that keeps the dark away. She has deep red hair, hair like a sunset. With eyes that can never make up their mind of what colour they want to be, they capture you, and you can't look away. Every single day you wonder how of all the people, she chose you, and you can't thank the world enough for her. Lyndsey really is the most beautiful girl you've ever seen. You don't know what's going to happen, but if you get a Lyndsey don't let go of her, she really is special.
I'm lucky enough to have a Lyndsey in my life.
by Just a Lucky Guy October 15, 2014
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