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Someone who loves their pets more than human beings or, at the extreme, someone willing to kill a human to save a lower animal's life.
Billy Ray blew-up the cosmetic test lab, killing several employees, in order to discourage the company from testing products on lab rats and hairless beagles. He was a total petaphile.
by Whitt March 13, 2007

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To aimlessly putter. To screw around with something mindlessly and either create something useful or further screw something up.
"I farbled around with the UNIX command variables until I got the desired results. Lucky me. Time for another latte."
by Whitt March 07, 2007

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The state of being afraid to talk or, generally, to communicate in any form. Can also apply to being too exhausted to try and communicate. Suffering from communiphobia.
Confused, tired and scattered, Jeannie couldn't muster an ounce of desire to continue the conversation - she was feeling completely communiphobic.
by Whitt March 15, 2007

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Orgasmically enthusiastic. Excited to a state of eruption.
Britney was jumping up and down and squealing with delight - she was positively enthusiasmic.
by Whitt March 08, 2007

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The act of a teacher stalking or actually having affairs with one or more of their students. Such a teacher is an edupredator. There has been a spate of these sorts of activities of late, especially amongst female teachers and their male students.
Erin McLean, a 30-yr old teacher in Knoxville, TN proved herself expert at edupredation when her husband shot and killed the student with which she was having an affair. No more bothersome husband or student left to bother her! Clever girl!
by Whitt March 19, 2007

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The painful end state of a testicle after it's been snagged, scratched and squished while you're zipping up your pants.
Oooo, take it easy baby, I got zippernut.
by Whitt March 09, 2007

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The unmanly act of pee-ing down one's leg in order to not make noise while while taking a piss. Usually associated with "Bashful Bladder" syndrome. Why not just sit down? Even more unmanly, I suppose.
"I arose in the middle of the night, bladder full, went into the attached, door-less bathroom and farbled in order to avoid awakening Suzy."
by Whitt March 07, 2007

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