40 definitions by Whitney

Could mean anything. Could mean bad, could mean good.
Example of bad: Hmm, ok, that is really.......festive."

Example of good: "Oh my God! That is so festive!"
by Whitney February 17, 2003
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Modification of the body... such as piercings.. tattoos.. cutting self..
I carved "fuck" into my wrist with a needle...
by Whitney June 5, 2003
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someone who preaches one thing then turns around and finds themselves doing the exact same thing. someone who is insecure and conforms to society's values just to be like the others.
by Whitney April 28, 2003
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beautiful island atomosphere.
The moya here in Hawaii is breath taking.
by Whitney June 11, 2004
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hahahahaha i commented hahahahahahaha
um definition?!?!? .... oh shit
by Whitney September 27, 2003
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tedious or obsessive to the point of being ridiculous
She has such high standards for men that her objections are practically Seinfeldian.
by Whitney February 6, 2004
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