40 definitions by Whitney

A secret society of naked hobos that live in cornfields. When the crops are harvested they run, panicked and afraid, into oncoming traffic.
That corn bum just threw himself at my car!
by Whitney June 24, 2003
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i would risk my life in a game of dodgeball.
by Whitney September 30, 2003
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Could mean anything. Could mean bad, could mean good.
Example of bad: Hmm, ok, that is really.......festive."

Example of good: "Oh my God! That is so festive!"
by Whitney February 17, 2003
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Someone who is well-liked by others. SOME can be snobby, but definitly not all! A lot are very nice and smart! Some are just plain sluts and think that they are the world. Popular people can be liked by there intelligence, looks, lack of intelligence, reputation, or being nice! Popular people are real people with real feelings and a real brain! The so-called "dumb" ones just act that way to be accepted by others.
Nice example: Whitney is very popular, because she is so nice!

Mean example: Leah is a slut! Thats why shes so popular!
by Whitney April 22, 2004
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to have money and spend it freely or like a baller
by Whitney March 20, 2005
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The best website on the entire world wide web as recognized by Google, The Hun, Face The Jury, and Bill Gates, amongst many others. A place to meet sexy singles in your area and stick your wee-weein their eye.
I met my soulmate at judgemedotnet, and the best part, it was free!
by Whitney February 21, 2005
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