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Many issues, too numerous to count. In other words, not worth dealing with.
That bitch doesn't have issues, she's got subscriptions.
by Whatever June 04, 2004

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The most popular means of copying music, games, graphics, programs and digital information in the modern computer age. Now more popular than cassettes.
At Best Buy they are selling Memorex CD-R's for $4.99 after a $10 rebate!
by Whatever April 08, 2003

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Tiwanese makers of the greatest CD-RW drives in the world. Highly reccomended by computer gamers, hackers and CD-R traders for their high quality, speed and super fast burning on all kinds of CD-R media. Usually sells for less than other Plextor, TDK, HP and Sony burners.
This Lite-On 52X burned a whole 70 minute CD-R in two minutes, thirty-five seconds!
by Whatever April 08, 2003

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Product Activation is supposed to prevent piracy and freinds from copying or borrowing software, but it's an annoying and completly worthless feature of Windows XP, TurboTax, Norton Anti-Virus and many other programs and games that forces users to call the company and register to be able to run it after you install it.

If you change hardware (such as a video card or hard drive) on a Windows XP computer many times, XP will force you to call Microsoft to register the OS again. It also unfairly forces users to buy 2 or more copies for each computer you own. The best thing is complain to the company and tell them you will not buy thier products anymore. Dont support companies that force product activation.
I couldnt run TurboTax this weekend because I had to call an 1-800 number for Product Activation - and the office was closed until monday morning!
by Whatever April 15, 2005

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A feature that is no different from compiling the Linux kernel.
If you don't want a Windows Update, you should have stuck with Windows 98 instead.
by whatever April 10, 2004

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Obnoxious cliquey asian kids with gel filled spikey hair
Those crandles love sticking there fingers in wall sockets
by whatever September 08, 2003

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talking about shit that nobody cares about in a loud and obnoxious manner while wearing pastels.
There were so many hot women at the party until mega almy showed up.
by whatever April 23, 2004

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