Many issues, too numerous to count. In other words, not worth dealing with.
That bitch doesn't have issues, she's got subscriptions.
by Whatever June 4, 2004
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a bunch of CG's brought up by Mexican's who sold crack on the streets to support the members of subscript's CS:S addiction
subscript CG's
by SaltoN1 November 10, 2010
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Writing which is used on submarines.
Submarine Guy 1: omg this writing isn't working!

Submarine Guy 2: That's because you need some subscript, LOL!
by lolcakes August 23, 2006
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Your current life subscription. The most popular one-time purchase basic plan around the world before Premium Life Subscription.

This plan includes:
- Default Settings

The world may cancel it at any time at any age or you can cancel it voluntarily when you need to.

You may want to upgrade to Premium or Luxury with your lifetime savings.
Carl: Did you know? People who have attempted to pirate Life Subscriptions have been sent to poor countries/families.
John: Shut the fuck up, you make me cry.
by ­­ June 28, 2021
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A random person that comments your Youtube videos for the sake of you subscribing to them.
xxl33tsmokerxx- Hy nic3 video, sub me, i sub u back, kk thnx

Video owner: Get lost you Subscription Whore!
by Roffle Waffles September 7, 2008
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It is an inexplicable feeling when you realisation that you sign up for something that feels never-ending, and you cannot go back (you are basically screwed). You only know this feeling when you experience it yourself.
Person 1: How are you doing on your dissertation?
Person 2: I'm subscription caraa'd!!!!!!!
by Susie Smith March 7, 2021
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The need to subscribe to every SAS (software as a service). Each time thinking it will make your company / life succeed.
Mary's subscription addiction quickly mounted to a $1000 per month bill and 30 application logins. We never knew what service we were using for sending a basic text message anymore.
by WizKid99 March 9, 2017
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