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That's actually so not true.
Person 1: You are soooo dumb
Person 2: TASNT
by WestSide February 03, 2015
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Porsche is one of the more popular sports car manufacturer. Founded in 1931 as an engineering consultant by Ferdinand Porsche. The most popular model as of yet is the 911, which made its debut in 1964 as a sportive car. It has always come with a Boxer-6, but the displacement is generally upped every evolution. Despite the ever-evolving chassis and engine, the styling is often described as timeless and the engine remains in the rear(not ideal). A turbo model of the 911 has been in the line-up for 30 years and has cemented Porsches place in performance car history by reversing everyones' views about turbo cars. Porsche also offers their cars for less than Ferrari and Lamborghini which keeps them as an "affordable" sports car.
Some say Porsches are not built to perfection, but are engineered to perfection.
by WestSide November 18, 2004
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(to dock a sub)
surfing term. a surfer desperately needing to take a dump while awaiting a wave, may choose to 'dock a sub' as opposed to paddling in to do his/her business.
ie: dude! the sets were coming in perfect about 1/4 mile offshore, and those eastside punks were way too close to my set - i docked a sub, caught that wave, and then sanchezzed them with it.
by WestSide February 25, 2005
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a fat bastard stingie guy that wont give his assignment to other people cause he is a stingie mutha fuka and has to wash his bannana b4 he ets it
ura a john zhang u slak cunt
by WestSide March 31, 2003
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a double of someone and has a cuzzin called triplet
yo look theres a tuyen
by WestSide March 31, 2003
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To be really, really drunk
"Uh-oh. Sarah's a little shitfaced and Andy's a smooth talker. Better go find them."
by WestSide December 30, 2004
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