To fail a test that is not only easy, but also has answers given to you by the teacher during the test
Man, I really zhanged my English final.
by Nskcvjodfinduc January 1, 2017
The act of doing something without little or no effort.
John: Hey Seb, this assignment is so hard. You just wanna zhang it?
Seb: Yeah that sounds like a plan!
by JohnnJLee November 7, 2011
a person who has a great potential and
can own most other people
Is he a zhang?

Person 1: Wow, that person owned in the game!
Person 2: He's a zhang!
by prozhang January 12, 2009
Chinese last name of intelligent, great people. Will always be on top. The quintessence of perfection.
Boy: How is he so good at everything? School, sports, and socializing?
Girl: It's obvious that he's a Zhang.
by epitomeofepiphanyy March 12, 2011
The art of owning or dominating an opponent or situation without mercy.
The boy walked out of calculus, feeling good, as he had "zhanged" his test.
by Hot Bitch InCognito February 7, 2010
v. To have non-consensual sex with.
Don't zhang animals.
by light_flaky_buttery October 24, 2008