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1011 are a gang based in W10 (Ladbroke Grove) and W11 (Notting Hill), both are located in West London. The gang have committed the usual crimes suspected of a gang in the 21st century. They’re rivals are those of W12 (Shepherd’s Bush) that contain gangs like 12World and 12Anti. They also have rivals in Northolt with Ngang/156. Looking in depth they are seem to be winning in compaired to the scoreboards compared to their rivals. 1011 have a popular music group containing many well-known members such as Digga D, ZK, Sav’O (Jsav) etc... After a music ban placed on the ‘music group’ (term used in court) 1011 they are now formally known as CGM. Which i’m unsure of it’s abriviation but is rumoured to stand for Conspiracy Gang Members or Constantly Getting Money. The music group CGM have made numerous hit titles with allied gang Splash in Penge (SE20). CGM are well known to make quality music that never disappoints their audience with hit songs such as: Next Up?, Play for the Paigans, No Hook. And new tracks under the name CGM: No Porkies, Spillin’ Sh*t, and their newest title ‘Who’.

(Information not certain and could be inaccurate, please refrain from using this information in a reference)
What is 1011?
1011 is a U.K. based gang.
by The UK Drill Definer. February 25, 2019
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A drill gang from London, They’re crazy and will shank man up. Shoutout Digga D, Sav’O and Horrid1
1 - Did you hear 1011’s new song?
2 - Ye fam, it was cold!
1 - Digga D shanking everyone up fam
by Skrrt•Skrrt May 26, 2018
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